The Big Lie About Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

How can you get started in real estate without paying any money to learn? You can’t. “But wait, you say.  There are books and podcasts and lots of information online.  I can get everything there.  I shouldn’t have to spend anything to learn”. Um…sure. What actions have you taken so far with the information you’ve…

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The one thing stopping you from being a successful real estate investor.

My husband and I are recovering emotional investors. As you sit here reading this post you may be thinking, “well, that’s not me, I don’t have that problem”. Have you ever… Read a real estate book and got excited about getting started? Gone to a seminar and felt anxious to find deals right away? Made…

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The Only Way To Ask For A Mentor


Don’t. Oops.  Maybe that seems a little harsh?  You may be thinking “but I need a mentor, so what’s the problem with asking?” When you ask for a mentor in a general forum or a real estate club meeting, you are asking for a relationship with someone who doesn’t know you.  There’s been zero effort…

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